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BooCover_200web “Unlocking the Secret to Longevity” by Sonia Crystella

Updated 2nd Edition now available

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Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity ~ Handing you “The Key”

In this book, you can learn ways that keep your cells healthy, while slowing the aging clock, comprised of personal experience and knowledge over 37 years. Sonia shares her story so others can be inspired to heal themselves, and address unnecessary age related diseases.


“If I could turn my sickness around, others can too. When I did, I also slowed the aging process.

I could have been negative about my past but I looked at it positively, because if I hadn’t spent half my childhood and my young adulthood in bed, I would not have healed myself and I wouldn’t be able to help others.”

I was born in the 1950’s sick,most likely  due to the chemical fires my father had fought as a fire fighter. Of course in those days, they didn’t know about the effects from chemical absorbtion, or  that this was causing my health problems. I spent a large part of my childhood and early adulthood in bed, my immune system didn’t function well.

The doctors continued to fill me with drugs and antibiotics, my body’s defence system struggled to cope, eventually it took its toll on my physical and mental health.

Giving birth to my son at 21 years of age was the catalyst for change. I decided I had to change my diet and find a way to reverse the damage done by prescription drugs and multiple illnesses. I researched and learned how to repair my body by alternative and natural ways; the very ways scientists are now telling us slows down aging (Epigenetic).

It’s no good living to 100,  if your quality of life is poor, or if you’re not happy. We only want to live as long as we’re happy and have great health.

Many women and men in their 40’s – 70’s are already facing unnecessary sickness and age-related diseases, many of which could be avoided if we had been better informed and taken better care of our health.

There is no miracle other than changing your diet, keeping your immune system strong and healthy, and keeping your hormones balanced as you age, together with some cutting-edge supplements and a good attitude to life.

I have always said:

“Your DNA is 50%, and what you eat and your lifestyle creates the other 50% of your health”

    • Start clearing the decks (mental and emotional),
    • Clean your body out,
    • Eliminate toxins,
    • Strengthen your immune system,
    • This is when you will begin to get well again and in turn slow the ageing process.
    • Start to meditate, we need to be still in the eye of the hurricane and the frantic pace of life these days.

You will be better prepared to help your children and your grandchildren to grow up healthy by educating them on what is making them sick.

Remaining healthy is paramount if we want to avoid cancers and dementia along with many of the terrible cognitive illnesses many people are facing.

You can heal yourself if you have the right tools and you have to want to heal yourself.


 This book is an Anti-ageing manual that teaches you it is possible to remain healthy and vibrant, preventing accelerated ageing and disease within the cells of your body as you age in years.


It is so simple when you have the right tools. Nature and science provides them both.


What you will learn

  • How much of the ageing process is genetic, and what percentage do we have the ability ( to change)
  • Extending the life expectancy while remaining healthy
  • Super foods that stall the ravages of aging
  • The remedies from the ocean
  • How your thoughts affect your cells ability to rejuvenate
  • The best way to clear out the toxins easily
  • Sugar and why it ages you
  • Some of the best anti-ageing skincare on today’s market
  • Twenty-first-century breakthroughs in aging
  • The latest anti-cancer fighters from cancer researchers
  • EMF’s effect on aging and disease
  • Telomeres and the Epigenome effect
  • Science and metaphysics melded