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Sonia Crystella

Welcome to my book site. It is here you will find information on my books.
I am very fortunate to be a Longevity Researcher, Published Author and Ghost Writer.
Member of The Australian Epigenetic Alliance AEpiA

My special interest lies in Longevity, DNA and Health research. I am also using this knowledge to understand how emotional upheavals and losses have an impact on ageing and sickness.

With many in society stressed, and undergoing emotional turmoil; I was driven to write my new book on Love and humanities search for LOVE.

Please see book page for details

I am focused on 21st century Longevity- Health- Telomere, and Epigenetic studies.

Other Books

Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity

by Sonia Crystella
Currently Unavailable


Are you seeking LOVE? Are you confused by LOVE? Has LOVE been eluding you?

Did you lose your true LOVE?

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