Welcome to  my book site.  It is here you will find information on  my books. 

I am very fortunate to be a Longevity Researcher, Published Author and Ghost Writer. 

  Member of The Australian Epigenetic Alliance AEpiA  

My special interest lies  in Longevity, DNA  and Health research. I am also using this knowledge to understand how emotional upheavals and losses have an impact on ageing and sickness.

With many in society stressed, and undergoing emotional turmoil; I was  driven to write my new book on Love and humanities search for LOVE.

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I am focused on 21st century  Longevity- Health- Telomere, and Epigenetic studies.

AGE – LESS      LIVE – LONGER        21st century  guide to rejuvenation.

It was released  in April 2019 and will be   available on  new  website  which will be live mid June The first print has already sold out due to back orders. By the time the website goes live the next run will be available. You can also email through info@soniacrystella.com to reserve a copy




SEARCHING FOR LOVE      Which path will you take?  

Released November 2018 
For sale through White Light Publishing 

Sonia Crystella/ Book






Learn the secrets to Longevity, a book written by Sonia Crystella; a woman who succeeded in healing a very sick body while slowing the ageing clock, all through Epigenetics.

 Ageing and health concerns are escalating faster than ever before.

It is predicted, that one in two people are likely to have cancer in 10 – 15 years from now.

Do you want a life riddled with health concerns or would you prefer to live a long healthy and happy life? ; knowing that you have taken all the steps to heal your body .

Everywhere we turn there are paid advertisements and media releases, all designed to sell us products and expensive treatments, but do they really work? Are we buying the dream?

Today, the problems we are facing are the toxins and chemicals in food, and the very air we breathe.

Aerial spraying, chemical fertilizers, mercury fillings and fluoride in the water,  contribute to the ageing of our body and cells, along with the high stress levels that have become part of our everyday  life, no matter what our financial position is.

Emotional baggage that we carry around with us, a relationship break up, and  abuse – are all things that age us. Left unchecked they can  shorten Telomeres and cause cell senescence.

If our bodies are to heal on a physical level and an emotional level, then clearing toxins from the body and the mind is hugely important. The body won’t absorb nutrition through  the intestines while we have toxin build up.

Meditation can also play a major role in calming the mind and helps to heal the body. Science now says that meditation will slow the ageing process by 40 – 48%.

Super foods and  live foods, are very important. They contain nutrients, phytochemicals, minerals, amino acids and glyconutrients, all vital for cellular recovery and good health.

There is an incredible amount of money being poured into longevity and life extension research, searching for answers on how to turn back the ageing clock and wipe out disease.

So what is making our cells mutate and die ?

Stress, diet, inflammation, toxins in the body, and toxins of the mind.

Remember,quick fixes don’t last.

Genetic inheritance naturally contributes to 50% of our makeup, and cannot be changed.

The good news is, the other 50% we can change, and in many cases the damage can be reversed.

“This we call Epigenetics”.

Take control of your life.

Diet and stress management play a huge role in slowing the ageing clock, as  does happiness and being connected. Being at peace within yourself  creates stillness,  allowing the body to heal and rejuvenate.

 When you have the right tools it is simple to rebuild. Nature and science provides them both.

Every day that you invest in your health, you will see and continue to see improvements, your energy levels will increase and you will glow from within.


 SONIA CRYSTELLA was born sick and spent many years struggling to remain well; with the odds stacked against her, she not only healed herself, but also slowed down  the ageing process.Today, in her sixties she is a picture of health, having acquired knowledge  over a 40 year period

Science is now acknowledging this as the answers to many of our ageing and health issues.
Sonia shares her secrets with you