Sonia Crystella.  Author- Ghost Writer – Inspirational & Motivational Speaker.

Epigenetic & DNA Researcher.  Member of the: Australian Epigenetic Alliance  AEpiA



Today at 62 years old  my health is in better shape than when I was 10 years old; usually the reverse is the case.

In general, by this time of life our body parts are wearing out, our energy levels are declining and our hormones are becoming depleted.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you could slow this right down?


I did exactly that! So how did I achieve this?

After being sick the majority of my childhood, one would think I would be suffering and ageing more than the average person, but it is quite the opposite.

The first 30 years of my life were a constant battle to remain well. The day I came into this world my health issues gradually escalated, until at the age of 21 years, when I gave birth to my son, I couldn’t take anymore.

Continual asthma attacks, bowel problems, viruses, and high fevers had become part of my everyday life. Followed by a suicide attempt at 14, hepatitis at 16, giardia, a cancer scare and multiple out breaks of shingles, were only a few of the health issues I have faced during my earlier years.

Those of us whose parents came in contact with chemicals are often born sick. In some ways I was one of the lucky ones. Many come into this world with some shocking deformities.

That was then, now days we are very much aware of the damage that chemicals can cause, we are taking the necessary precautions to prevent these health issues.

I could be negative about my life but I look at it positively, because if I hadn’t spent half my childhood and my young adulthood in bed, I wouldn’t have healed myself and I wouldn’t be able to help others.

If I could turn my life of illness and disease around, others can too.

Over many years of study and using foods and what nature provides us, I came to learn the many secrets that heal the body… slowing the ageing process and I was able to reverse much of the damage to my system.

Today modern science is now acknowledging what I learned, the contributing factor to the so called “Fountain of Youth Pill.”

I spend a lot of my time as a motivational and inspirational speaker, helping others:

  • understand why we are ageing faster than we should,
  • what we can do to slow down the ageing clock,
  • stall diseases that are now dominating our lives.

Let me teach you how you can program your cells to heal themselves, given the right tools, the body can go to work repairing itself.

  • Eliminate certain toxins and foods from your body and mind,
  • Add what nature already has, and
  • You have a powerful Anti -Ageing cocktail.

Starting with changes to your diet; your immune system you will notice improvements very rapidly.

My book is composed from 41 years of personal experiences and cutting edge science that is now bringing to light new possibilities for the future of the human race.

Note: Stem cell research is really the future of anti-aging. I am a member of the Australian Stem Cell Society and I get regular updates. It is still early days in the field of DNA/gene therapy and Telomere lengthening treatments. In a few years it will be more readily available and affordable to everyone.