There is not one person reading this blog, that does not know someone who has Cancer, or someone  who has died from Cancer

Why is Cancer now affecting 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women, not to mention 1 person dying every 4 seconds from this terrible disease?

Cancer “cannot” grow inside a healthy body.  By the time Cancer attacks your cells, your body was already sick,

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in many countries, including Australia

Billions of dollars have been spent researching Cancer over the last 40 years, yet we are told, a cure still eludes us. As long as our immune systems fail to protect us, or we continue to feed our cells toxic foods it is unlikely we will prevent mutations within the cells that lead to Cancer

If you value your’s and your family’s health, you will start eliminating everything that encourages Cancer cells to activate and grow, you should think about adding nutrients that keep your body strong  and operating fully; giving it the tools it needs to ward of Cancer.

Deleting all refined sugars from your diet is a must. Cancer cells feed of sugar; they then, proliferate and divide at an alarming rate.

Keeping your immune system strong and your Telomere’s long is the best prevention to stop mutations and cell abnormalities.

Each day we are bombarded with Toxins and Chemicals, not to mention a higher than normal rate of EMF (Electric Magnetic Frequencies) from Computers, Cell phones, Televisions  WIFI and  Microwaves, these affect our normal body rhythm and place higher than normal stress on our physical body creating major imbalances.They create breaks in our cellular strands of DNA. It appears that EMF’s are here to stay; learning how to neutralize them will keep your body balanced and take the load of your immune system.

Main stream Cancer treatments do not kill Cancer cells; only 2.1% of patients treated for Cancer find the Cancer gone. Radiation and Chemotherapy kill of the healthy cells and suppress the immune system,  40% of Cancer patients, die of malnutrition.

Meditation, exercise and breathing in oxygen will also keep your body strong and resilient.

You hold the “Key” to your health, do not become  another statistic..

You do have a choice