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Everything We Need “To Slow Down Ageing Is Already On the Planet”


“It is also within us”

We  continually search for another nutrient or product that will heal the body and reverse aging, never quite believing  that we  already have it at our finger tips, so we continue on, hoping to find , “The Holy Grail of Youth.”

Nature and science provide them both. Reinvention is all we really need, learning how to best utilize a plant, herb or super food that the planet supplies us, then learning how to put it to use as a regenerative elixir so we can age at a much slower rate with the minimal of health issues.

It is important to learn about  which foods and chemicals  are ageing us and creating diseases within the body, by doing so we are  equipped with a vastness of  knowledge, that enables us to side step many of the sicknesses  and cognitive diseases that many are facing  in later years

Herbs, foods and roots along with natural minerals, give us most of what the body needs to repair and regenerate the cells within us, these cells are slowing down and dying of as we age in years, they also slow down and die when our stress levels escalate and inflammation from bad diet creates  damage to our cells, thus  shortening our Telomeres

The other regeneration tool is meditation, the ability to slow the mind and in turn use it to stimulate cells and the Telomerase enzyme, this is yet another powerful tool in the quest for health and longevity and the  prevention of  disease, and senescence  of our cells.

Stem cell activation  is fast becoming more widely used , but the fact is,  cells are always dying,  keeping them alive is best done by taking the appropriate nutrition and supplementation.

Those of you who have read my book , are by now fully aware on how to go about this and are already taking the  appropriate measure to do so.