With many foods now being pumped full of preservatives to extend their life, enhance flavor and make them look appealing , they are taking their toll on our immune system and our liver. Our cells are under constant attack from these new bread of health destroyers.

We need to become more aware of the main culprits that are finding their way into our daily diet along with the names that they hide behind.

Attacking our cells and depriving them of oxygen, preservatives lead the way for Cancer to invade our body. We need to protect our DNA from food preservatives if we are to live a long healthy life free from cancer and health wrecking diseases.

Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame (E951) known as a carcinogenic and a Neurotoxin (this is believed to affect your memory leading to depression, inability the think clearly, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s, disease , multiple scleroses . I remember years ago having an attack when taking it, I was in the USA at the time, and had it on my breakfast; it took 4 hours to come right.

Food Dyes: The worst I have come across are Blue #1 / Blue # 2 (E133

Thought to cause Chromosomal damage. Found in sweets, sports drinks cereals

Red # (E 124) Chromosomal damage and Thyroid cancer are top on the list for red dyes

Yellow # (E110) (E102) Adrenal, Kidney, and gland tumors were discovered in animal modules after the use of these dyes.

MSG: ( E 621 )Monosodium Glutamate did you know MSG is an amino acid, it can be found in organics as well as no organic foods, Some of the top selling soft drinks and preserves contain some of the worst

Headaches, fatigue, depression, obesity and eye damage, are among the many problems brought on by MSG

SODIUM BENZOATE found in Coke, Pepsi, sauces and pickles, put there to prevent mould; they are destructive to our DNA, and although low levels occur in some fruits, the synthetic version stifles our cells of oxygen creating damage to our mitochondria

Sulfur Dioxide (E220) found in soft drinks, beer, vinegar, potato products

They are responsible for bronchial problems and asthma attacks, also known to destroy vitamins B1 and E