Today we are fast becoming aware about the over use of plastic in our daily life, and how it is causing havoc with our health.

Microplastics are being found in our blood and our stools. Scientists have revealed that there are 10 different types of plastics, and 9 of these live with in our intestinal tract.

With tap water and bottled water both containing microplastics, our gut microbiotica is being compromised.

My own research has revealed; that at this current rate we will be ageing faster. This is due to the Microplastics in our life and the environment that are causing more gastrointestinal diseases. This leads to some of the worst inflammatory conditions within our body and ageing us at an alarming rate. Cancer of the colon, and inflammatory bowel syndrome is rising. Liver problems through microplastic is becoming a major concern to the scientific community. One of the worst ageing issues connected to plastic is caused by heating food in plastic containers in a microwave. This is now creating some major health concerns for humans and wildlife.

By 2050 it is predicted; that our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. This is causing panic as we realise the full extent of what our future will look like

Farm land is also be choked with plastic and it is likely to become 23 times worse on land than in the ocean.Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat’s barge invention, will enable cleanups within our oceans thus removing plastics that float along our coastlines. The barge can cover a 994574. 592 kilometers or a 618,000 square mile radius between Hawaii and California. Relying completely on current flow for power, the 600 metre long barge is fixed with a hanging skirt that floats 3 metres into the water, and collects debris as it moves along. Slat’s team of engineers and staff conducted tests in the North Pacific ocean, now they are planning on a 1,6 million square kilometre cleanup.

Marine life and wildlife believe that coloured plastic is a food source. Their body’s have been opened for autopsy; revealing the full horror of plastics and the realisation of what will happen if we don’t start taking responsibility for this atrocity.

There is a private foundation in America; formed by Swiss born Philanthropist Hansjorg Wyss; Hansjorg has invested $1 billion to help conserve 30% of the oceans and land in its natural state by the year 2030. Hansjorg fell in love with the open lands while climbing in the Rock Mountains as a young man. In 1998 he formed the Wyss Foundation, it has grown into a organisation set on protecting the planets survival.

With over half of the rain forests and 2 thirds of the wetlands already gone; not to mention 60% of our wildlife having been wiped out since 1970, there is also 26,00 wild life and plant species now at risk of being lost forever.

68,415 plastic fibres land on a dinner plates each year and shell fish are so full on plastic fibres that we ingest 100 plus particles from eating shellfish.

We need to rethink our use of plastics, as well as new ways to to prepare and contain our food. Try not to drink water in plastic bottles, buy a good glass or stainless bottle, use glass food storage containers and do not heat your food in plastic

Microfibre clothing is notorious for shedding microplastic with tons of it ending up in rubbish dumps and within the atmosphere: where we are continually absorbing it into our system

Most importantly use supplements and foods that clear toxins from your body, and do what you can to support the environment.