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Moringa: 21st century super food


The Moringa Tree: The most powerful super green available, and  a natural anti inflammatory
The Moringa tree is now being acknowledged for it’s amazing healing and health given abilities. A native to India ; but is found in Africa and Thailand. It supplies all the nutritional benefit usually only obtainable form eating a large variety of foods; making it highly sort after. It was a little later in life that I discovered Moringa. I have only been taking Moringa powder daily for the last three and a half years. My extensive research into it, gave me more insight into its nutritional and healing properties.
I was asked to submit a short blog on iherb about Moringa and Pregnancy.
It is so full of nutrition; and very few foods can offer the same level of health giving benefits.
Even though it has been used for over 4,000 years; the western world was slow on the uptake. The earlier civilizations in India used it to treat anemia, arthritis, constipation and joint pain.
Known as the miracle tree; Moringa has not been wasted; with every part being used. From seedlings to bark, roots and leaves; it has provided nourishment and as well as fibre for ropes.
Moringa Tea is used for its high content of Vitamin C and A.
It has been extensively tested in Universities throughout the world and researchers have found it to be extremely useful for the treatment of Retinopathy (inflammation of the blood vessels in the eyes) which leads to fluid leakage.
Cardio vascular health is also treated by natural therapists, as well as Asthma triggers.
It protects the Kidneys from oxidative toxins; as well as shielding kidneys from nephrotoxicity; brought on by drugs, medications and heavy metals.
With a high level of polyphenols; Moringa helps protect the liver enzymes; increasing protein in the liver.
Moringa has blood clotting properties allowing wounds to heal faster. It is anti-viral and anti-bacterial Studies done in 2016 showed improvement in animals with diabetes.
I take 1 heaped teaspoon every day.
Moringa has 46 antioxidants it is rich in flavonoids a class of antioxidents.Vitamins A- E & K B6 -B12- Folate-Thiamine-Niacin- Glutathione –Quercetin- Zeaxanthin Minerals Calcium-Iron- Magnesium –Zinc-Copper-Manganese-Potassium-Sodium. PhytoNutrients Carotenoids- Ellagic acid- Resveratrol-Phytoestrogens –Flavonoids-Glucosinolates- Aminos 8 essential aminos 10 non essential aminos.
Suitable for athletes- and seniors alike , it contains 17 x the calcium of milk- 4 x the protein of eggs-10x the Vitamin A of carrots-15x the Potassium of bananas-7x the Vitamin C of oranges-15x the Iron of spinach