My life’s journey has turned into a mission to help “you”  helping resolve your confusion over what are the right products, food and tools that slow the ageing process  and restore balance within the body. It will make the search so much easier for you all, knowing that I have dedicated my life to this, trialing and testing every food and product I can that promises to do just this. Of course this was not something I decided to do yesterday or even a year ago, trialing  and testing foods and products has been a large part of my life; 36 years in fact!  I fully understand the dilemma many are facing about what are the best products and foods the planet has to offer surrounding these issues; after all throwing your hard earned money away can be frustrating when you find yourself down another dead end street. Sourcing the right Health practitioners to help you on your way, can be time consuming and expensive, when you find yourself once again, disappointed by the outcome
Learning that you have choices surrounding the future of your health and well being is very empowering , you are not alone , there are many others out there like yourself that are also concerned about the levels of stress they are under, along with the problems that the chemicals in the food and the very air we are breathing, are now creating for us.

My extreme health issues lead me to discover the best foods and supplements the planet has to offer, I came to understand what foundation the body needs before it can repair itself. It took me years to see the results; it was very often one step forward and two steps backwards, until I finally got the formula right. If only I had someone to tell me what to do, my many years of sicknesses might have been avoided.
If my being born sick can now help you, then my journey was worthwhile, I feel a responsibility to stand up and share my years of knowledge with humanity…This is why I decided to write the book. It will teach you how to bring balance back into your very being while slowing the ageing process and remaining calm when you get caught up in the day to day stresses.