How many times do we get talked into buying skincare products because some slick talking sales person, or a very good marketing campaign lead us to believe they were the answer to all our skin concerns.
Whether it is an ageing issue, acne or Rosacea,very few skincare and Anti- ageing skincare ranges work, due to a number of factors.
When our diet is poor and our body is toxic from years of abuse due to chemical laden foods and chemical riddled beauty products; accompanied by too much sun, an impenetrable wall covers our skin and very few ingredient can reach the lower layers. Active ingredients in these products cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, doing what they were designed to do.
The other issue we are up against is the quality of the ingredients, along with the synergy of the formula. The right combination along with a few top ingredients can do wonders for our skin.
Finding skincare products that change the skins appearance, while making a positive difference to the skins well being, is like winning the Lottery .

We are all different and our skin can react, even with the organic ranges, finding one that suits you can take time, I have discovered a few special ranges, all different, but at the same time, all high in quality.
It took me years of researching to find formulas that do work. Some come from our smaller companies. They not only care, but they need to go that one step further to stand out from the larger Skincare brands.

I discovered a range from Sydney Australia. The Life2Skin range by Aldo Virtich, it is of the highest quality, and the ingredients are organic. For those of you whom understand energy and vibration, then this range it at the top of the scale.
There is also a new breed of Anti -ageing skin care ingredients, some come from the ocean and others from the land.
all these are known to activate Stem cells. Fucoidan is one such product, it is extracted from various varieties of kelp. But like many other poor quality ingredients , very few I found stacked up. those that did were included in my original book.

One of my top brands that I have stood behind for the last 5 years is Balense Skin Care

Developed by Gold Coast Women Wendy Reiner. It is up there with the best of the best in the world

Fucoidan from kelp is extremely beneficial to skin, as is; potent Vitamin C serums. It is essential to only buy top quality Niacinamide. Peptides. Green tea. Grape seed. Hydroxytyrosol from olives) Hyaluronic acid.. Pearl powder. Caffeine.Alpha-Lipoic acid. Retinol

These are some of the most powerful Anti-ageing skincare ingredients to look out for.