21 st Century Regenerative Medicine

10 years ago I was drawn to the science of Stem cells. I knew from that point, that this therapy would some day lead the way in the field of regenerative medicine.

It is how we will regain organs that are working in their full capacity, thus slowing the ageing clock.

As far as Anti-ageing treatments go; I have yet to see any results’ But as far as organ regeneration goes; there are many successful treatments.

Fat Stem cells; when injected back into the body, usually die within hours or days, they have very little chance to succeed in Anti-ageing treatments

This doesn’t mean we can take our health for granted, or continue to abuse our bodies with the saturation of chemicals or an unhealthy diet.

It means there is now hope in regenerating our worn out body parts so we can once again, live life to the full, we will no longer be facing those nagging health issues that present themselves as we age, along with the constant physical damage we subject our bodies to through sports.

It will have its place in treating diseases that are found in the very young, such as Traumatic Brain Injury Autism, Parkinson’s, Spinal Cord Injury and Cerebral Palsy.

Heart regeneration and eye ball diseases will also benefit from Stem cell therapies.

Stem Cell Therapies, stimulates your dormant Stem Cells to do what your body naturally did, when it was younger, Stem Cells are able to develop into any cell that your body requires, Stem Cells are master cells, they divide and place themselves as new cells, such as blood cells, muscles cells or neurons.

There are 3 main sources of Stem cells.


This method uses your own autologus Stem Cells.

Using your own body fat though the Liposuction method, they are put through an isolation process and introduced back into your body through an IV. The remainder of the cells are stored for future use.

They can also be injected to encourage joint regeneration and repair, as well as hair regrowth.


PCT, is done by collecting your Master cells from your own blood, (usually from the arm) then they are infused back into your body through IV, or an enclosed system. This particular method is said to help repair your body, whilst sending the Stem Cells to where the are most needed. There, they can go to work repairing and regenerating; this treatment takes around 3 hours; many are doing this method. The cost is still hugely expensive.


UCT – utilizes Umbilical cord lining cells for disease treatment. This way is used mostly for systemic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Used in circumstances where there has previously been no hope in curing the disease.

This is exciting news for those whose bodies are becoming increasingly weaker and prone to disease, where organs are failing and creating diseases that could have been avoided. There is a real future here with Stem cell treatments.

My book contains many of the nutritional and medical nutrients now being used to stimulate Stem Cells.

I am currently preparing my next book where I will include up to date info in to Stem cell research and current treatments