The books

BooCover_200web “Unlocking the Secret to Longevity”

by Sonia Crystella


New book release;     AGE -LESS       LIVE- LONGER 

21st Century guide to Rejuvenation.

 Due out  early 2019

The new book will have all the updated scientific facts on Epigenetics since the previous book of  5 years ago, along with new updates on Super foods and longevity


Both  books  cover all areas of health from science – diet to metaphysics.  The new  book is up to the minute  Telomere; Gene therapy and rejuvenation of the body and mind

AGE -LESS LIVE – LONGER    21st century guide to rejuvenation;  you will  learn ways that keep your cells healthy, while slowing the ageing clock; comprised of personal experience and knowledge over 41 years. Sonia shares her story so others can be inspired to heal themselves, and address unnecessary age related diseases.

“Your DNA is 50%, and what you eat and your lifestyle creates the other 50% of your health”

Remaining healthy is paramount if we want to avoid cancers and dementia, along with many of the terrible cognitive illnesses people are now facing.

 These books are  Anti-ageing manuals that teach you how to remain healthy and vibrant, preventing accelerated ageing and disease within the cells of your body as you age in years.

It is so simple when you have the right tools. Nature and science provides them both.

 What you will learn

  • How much of the ageing process is genetic, and what percentage do we have the ability ( to change)
  • Extending the life expectancy while remaining healthy
  • Super foods that stall the ravages of ageing
  • The remedies from the ocean
  • How your thoughts affect your cells ability to rejuvenate
  • The best way to clear out the toxins easily
  • Sugar and why it ages us
  • Inflammation;  The facts
  • Twenty-first-century breakthroughs in ageing
  • EMF’s effect on ageing and disease
  • Telomeres and the Epigenome effect
  • Science and metaphysics melded