When you go to the local supermarket or produce market to buy your produce, do you find out where it came from before you buy it? Do you ask if it was grown locally? How long has it been in cold storage? How many chemicals are on the skins or residing within the fruits and vegetables? Are they of GMO origin?
The truth is, unless they are organic and fresh from the garden, most of our fruit and vegetable produce on today’s market has little to no nutritional value that will keep your body healthy.
Gone are the days where we went outside and picked fresh, our lives are so busy, that this way of obtaining them is fading into the background, fresh produce is live food, it also has an energy that our body loves, for those that grow their own, they fully appreciate the flavour and the wholesome goodness they provide. The rest of us will go to the local markets to buy, especially if we want the next best thing.
How can we overcome this, we still have to eat fruits and vegetables, otherwise our diets would become boring.
Several things we can do is grow in small pots, or the other option is to buy organic super food greens and reds, in powdered form.

When you visit your local health food store you are greeted by rows of products all claiming to be the best, the majority of the ingredients are sourced from a handful of suppliers, they will often buy to a budget not always to the highest quality, let’s say a formula has 10 ingredients, 5-6 might be of a high potency, the rest are often of inferior quality.
I continually research to see where they come from, when a company lowers its standards they are doing themselves a grave injustice, there are others like me that are now watching and recording how powerful they truly are or whether or not they are a total waste of money
Do your homework first, when you eat super food supplementation record how you body reacts over a few weeks, don’t add too many different formulas, otherwise you won’t know which one is making the overall difference, rotate as well, you can learn a lot from your body’s reaction
It is a fulltime job staying on top of brands, there are some world class formulas available on today’s market, you just need to know what they are and where to obtain them.