“What does this really mean?”

The body has the ability to age and to become sick when emotional issues take control of our lives.

Likewise, it has the ability to heal and the aging process slow down, when love resides within our very “Being” thus affecting the trillions of cells within us.

Telomeres need to remain intact and be kept from shortening prematurely, if we are to slow down the body’s aging clock.

Stress and emotional upheavals in our daily life, shorten Telomere caps at a much faster rate than those people who live life to the full, who are happy and healthy, while remaining at peace within themselves and their everyday surroundings.

Making positive changes in our lives, helps give cells exactly what they need to stall cell mutations and cell death that causes accelerated aging

Inflammation in our body, that has been created through stress and trauma, also speeds up Telomere shortening.

Love is a powerful tool, by this I do not necessarily mean love from another human or a much loved pet.

Loving ourselves can see miracles occur, when the vibration within you is high and positive, the cells act in accordance and follow suit.

We tend to look outside of ourselves for love, when in fact, loving who “we” are, will give the body the much needed kick start to rejuvenate and resonate at a higher vibration.

We can prevent much of this damage by meditating, we can also slow the aging of the cells by visiting a Health Professional who knows how to work with us to reverse these traumas that lead to sickness, aging, and emotional eating disorders.

We need to believe in ourselves and the fact that we deserve the best, in Love, Life and Health, as we age in years, remaining strong and healthy with a love for life, is vitally important.