The   “Immune System” is frequently written about in medical  journals for  its role in fighting of sickness and disease, which is now,  fast becoming a major concern for the future of the human race. Have you ever  sat and thought about how important it truely is, or what it is ?.  24hours a day our Immune System defends us  against invaders that attack our body, leaving us vulnerable to disease, aging, allergies and even death?

Those of us who were born with compromised Immune Systems, only know too well what a constant battle it can be fighting of attacks from Flues, Viruses, Parasites, and Funguses.

So how can we strengthen the Immune System, and what “actually “is the Immune System?

 The Cells, Tissues and Organs within the Immune System pull together to defend our body every time something foreign enters into it, If anything slips past it , it will send out more defenses in the form of white blood cells, chemicals and other proteins to prevent negative attacks on our body and cells.

The Immune System sends out its little troopers before the attacks escalate into something more serious or life threatening. No matter how strong our Immune system is, it can still break down at various times as it comes under  bombardment from new strains of flues, viruses and chemicals that seem to be appearing out of nowhere, from the food we eat to the very air we breathe.

 When we get bitten by insects, the immune system reacts by creating a lump, even a small cut sees the Immune System coming to the rescue, attacking the bacteria that enters through the cut.

A healthy diet consisting of Super foods, along with Meditation and Exercise should be at the top of your list you’re if you want to keep your Immune System strong. Those that choose to live a healthy life style produce more White Blood Cells that fight of Antigens and bacteria’s making sure that sickness is kept at bay. Getting enough sleep  will ensure your body can repair itself while fighting of the invaders that are constantly entering our space.

Years of absorbing toxins through chemical in gestation and stress, can weaken our Immune System, opening a doorway for disease and viruses. My many years of sickness along with  suffering from allergies, led me on a journey to discovering the best immune protectors and super foods on the planet.

Zeolite has been by far the best way to clear the toxins from the internal body; nutrients can then be absorbed adequately into your system. I cannot say enough about Zeolite, I have been researching it for years, to date I have only found one brand that does what it is supposed to do. It will also clear radiation from the body; this is necessary for those that fly or are surrounded by any equipment or microwaves that omit radiation.

Before surgery it is essential to have a strong Immune System, it will allow for faster healing. It will also help ward of Staph infections that have become rife in hospitals.

Many of the top Immune System supporters have an adverse reaction on me, so do your homework and trial each product or nutrient for a few days, monitoring how your system reacts

Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, mushrooms create allergic reactions within my body, they also make me feel like I am spaced out, un yet they are well documented as Immune builders.

Bovine Colostrums also upsets my body, remember it comes from cow’s milk, as human’s, cow’s milk does not resonate with everyone;  IGF 1 from Colostrums can also be found in Deer Antler products, IGF 1 is responsible for growth in humans. The first day’s milk from cows made into Colostrum supplements  is easier for humans to assimilate and utilize than Colostrums made from the 2nd and 3rd days milking.

Look at Astragalus and zinc , both are good Immune supporters.