Every human has around 100 trillions cells within their body. Unraveled the DNA of each cell measures approx 1.8 metres by 10 atom wide. If you unraveled your entire DNA it would wrap around Planet Earth a few million times, (very impressive don’t you think?

Who ever designed the  body we live in, new exactly what they were doing, whether you view this miracle body or yours as a scientific creation or a creation of God it is a never ending science lesson. When you unravel one mystery another surfaces to be understood.

Every day your heart pumps 100,000 times, pumping 28,600+ litres of blood through 155,000 kms of blood vessels. 3 million red blood cells are created every second of your life.

DNA and Telomeres are  a life’s lesson in themselves, I have spent 15 years studying DNA and Telomeres, their affect on our physical wellbeing  and the Metaphysical  relevance that they play in keeping us young vibrant and healthy.

Epigenetics is a word used by the scientific community to explain how diet and lifestyle affects our DNA,

This part of DNA’s is readable, where as the DNA that was known as Junk DNA is unreadable. Unreadable DNA is protected from those that would use its memory to create monsters; this is why they will never know the truth and what secrets it contains.

Those of us that understand Quantum Physics have an inkling about its blueprint; therefore we know it is best left unreadable.

Meditation plays a very important role in keeping DNA resonating at the highest possible vibration, linking the Etheric body which interacts with the Chakra system and the Pineal gland, understanding how it all links, is paramount to staying healthy as we age in years