Toxins in Food Supplements and Super Food Powders

Is your super food supplement or protein powder pure or is it high in heavy metals?.

When we decide to make life style changes, leaving a diet behind that has been high in sugars, trans fats and inflammatory causing agents, we take for granted, that the Vegan protein powders and green super food supplements are high quality and free of heavy metals.We are looking  to substitute the low quality proteins found in certain foods, fruits and vegetables that are available on the market today..

 Leads, Tungsten Cadmium and Mercury can also be found in rice proteins, low levels are acceptable and the body can handle these, but after a certain level they can also become toxic and damaging to your body.

Today more of us are demanding changes to ensure we are not being misled as we have been in the past, health food companies should be aware that they can no longer hide behind health foods labels solely for the purpose of making money at the expense of the consumer’s health.

Those that are in this business for the highest good of humanity are already taking action to make sure their products contain ingredients sourced from growers and manufactures, that are pure, and are of the highest possible standard. Did you know that many companies source from a handful of suppliers; therefore a large majority of brands have exactly the same formulas?

 Supplements from shellfish can also be a concern, do your own research, the testing done by an independent company can often be the best, they have nothing to gain from misleading the public.

Right now I am pushing the companies I know of , to do these much needed checks.

Nutra Organics  and Bio Pharma Science have done tests on theirs. The COA’s  showed products safe and high in quality.

I am pleased to affiliated with both these companies