Why Do We Age? Can We Really Slow It Down?

Do you ever wonder about, how it would feel if  “you” had the ability to slow down the ageing process; thus avoiding many of the age related diseases.

If you knew what happens within the trillions of cells within your body, that causes ageing, you would be one step ahead, and you would also know what they mean, when the say; “The Fountain of Youth is Within Reach”.

Once you understand how the body ages… you are then able to take steps to make the necessary changes, providing the cells with what they need; preventing them from dying and malfunctioning at the fast rate that they currently are.

What about foods that stall the ravages of ageing…after all, doesn’t nature provide everything we need? It was put on this earth for this very reason; artificial products have no power to heal your body. They are foreign to the body’s sensor systems and are of little to no benefit.

There are foods and supplements available today that can help with this…. It is very empowering knowing that you have more control than you previously thought possible and that these tools are available to you.

What about the power of the mind? Science now teaches us that meditation along with diet and some cutting edge scientific findings can stall ageing issues.  Are you ready to make the changes? You can now learn how to” Unlock the Secrets of the Longevity Genes”

What are Telomeres and how vital are they to keeping us young vibrant and functioning as we age.?

Reading medical books can often be overwhelming to the every day person, you will more than likely decide to put the book down and rely on what you hear from the media or a sales assistant.

I have been studying Telomere health for 14 years; their affect on our cells and why they cause the cells to age.

I have simplified it all, making it very easy for you to understand. The body is so complex, but at the same time able to repair itself when it is not under bombardment from daily stresses and toxins.

Please; study the diagram below, it is teaching you about the Telomeres within the nucleus of the majority of your cells.