When I started doing Yoga 36 years ago, there were very few Yoga schools in comparison to today. At that stage it was seen as an Eastern tradition. In western cultures it was thought of, as being reserved for a few odd balls and Hippie types.
Those who already knew the powerful effect it had on the body and mind are still doing it today, unlike many exercise workouts that come and go.” Yoga is here to stay”.

I used to remember the kids looking at me and wondering what I was doing, they were used to seeing others doing extreme workouts along with abdominal crunches that we now know can cause major back issues. I will never forget a foot ball team turning up at a class during the early 1990’s .I could see them thinking it was going to be a piece of cake, they were quick to learn how much strength and endurance goes into many of the poses.

The flexibility that it gives to the entire body and mind is a “Key” factor to slowing down the aging process. Arthritic conditions can be kept to a minimum as you age, and injuries will not happen so easily when your muscles are pliable and healthy.
For those of us in the Western world, we probably started Yoga practices later in life rather than at childhood, like the Eastern cultures. By this stage we already have weaknesses that make some poses harder to achieve. I have never been flexible in the hip area and have a tendency to lower back issues; many of the poses are extremely beneficial to these types of conditions.
When I gave up Jazzercise 32 years ago and relied on Yoga for my body maintenance, I came to discover several years later, while attending a cardio class, that  I was able to get through the whole workout without stopping, it was then I realized just how powerful this form of exercise truly is, although today, I do not push myself to do the extreme poses I once did,
I went on to meditate at 22, and believe this is another reason as to why I have aged so well.
I am currently prepareing an Anti Ageing CD and one for Cancer patients…you will come to learn what roles the Telomeres play in this.

There are many types of Yoga  available…I suggest you try several if you are new to this…never let a teacher push you to do more than you feel your body is capable of doing. Remember this is not a competitive sport…it is a beautiful Anti Ageing and soul enlightening experience, there are so many good Yoga schools to choose from.
“A flexible body is a happy body”